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Who invented that's what she said?

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I dont think any one invented it I think just all dirty minded people use it as a joke which everyone seems to understand and use.
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Who is She in That's what she said?

  This question is a question which has been asked many times since the expression "that's what she said" first became popular.   For those of you who think you know wh

What is that's what she said?

That's what she said is a funny double entendre often used by Michael Scott (Steve Carrell) on NBC's comedy The Office. It is a joke added onto everyday conversation to give i

That's what she said originated from the office?

"thats what she said" did originate from t he office "That's what she said" was not original to the office, it stems back to Wayne's world when Garth was holding a pic of Clau

What is the best That's what she said joke?

I don't know if this is the best, but it's the best I've come across. A friend of mine was talking about a pair of shoes she used to own and how worn out and torn apart they

Who is she from that's what she said?

It's a joke that turns something that some one says into a a sexual saying. For example: Thomas: Look at my long stick Gary: Thats what she said! Teacher: I know that the h