Who is Samuel L Jackson?

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Is Samuel L Jackson married?

Answer . In 1970, while attending drama classes at sister college Spelman, he met a actress named LaTanya Richarson and they married in 1980. They are still happily married

Does Samuel l Jackson have a brother?

Samuel l Jackson has a website that you can find information and be on msn.com, wikipedia.com,and you can go on starnews.com/be/en/people/Samuel l Jackson thank you for your t

Is Samuel L Jackson racist?

While many of his roles are blatantly racist it is unclear as to whether the actor himself is racially biased. The common thread woven throughout his racially driven roles see

Is Samuel L Jackson in airplane?

No, Samuel Jackson is not in Airplane! The bearded guy who somewhat resembles him is played by Al White. Yes, he's the bearded guy.

Was Samuel l Jackson in the navy?

No he wasn't. But in his early life, he was involved in the Civil Rights Movement that began after Martin Luther King Jr.'s death