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Who is yoda's padawan?

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if you go by the movies, luke skywalker is technically. yoda is really old and who knows just how many padawans he has had over the years. it's probably a record.
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What is Yoda's race?

No one really knows what Yoda's species is. There were three Yoda-like Jedi on the Jedi Council who were Yoda-like: Yoda, a 2 ft tall green 800 yr old Jedi Master; Yaddle, a 2

Who is yoda's master?

    Well no one for sure knows Yoda's master but I guess Yoda's father.   Know one knows but Yoda's padwan is dooku if that helps?

Who is ki Adi mundi's padawan?

Hah, and you call yourself a Jedi Master! Ki-Adi-Mundi had several Padawans over the years, including Anakin Skywalker for a time. His other Padawans included: -Aurra Si

What is a padawans?

  Its on the movie Star wars its like learning to be a Jedi knight but not one yet first stage is youngling padawan jedi knight and Jedi master.And a padawan is strong but

How can someone become a padawan?

2 different ways 1.) A Jedi Master chooses a student to become their apprentice. 2.) A youngling is assigned to a master (kind of like Ahsoka was assigned to Anakin)

What is Yoda's job?

Yoda was a Jedi Grand Master and after he had his last apprentice he decided to teach the younglings there beginner lessons in the way of the force. After the rise of the Empi

Who were Yoda's parents?

No one knows. Yoda was 900+ years old when we first see him, and  when the Jedi Order was alive before being destroyed by Order 66,  Force-sensitive younglings were taken fr