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Who was Zeus 1st wife?

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Metis was Zeus's first wife in some myths. But mostly in the original myths, Hera was Zeus's first wife.
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How many wifes did Zeus have?

Well I don't know but HE MARRIED HIS MOM RHEA AND HIS SISTER HERA ISN'T THAT GAY hope this helped

Who was Zeus' second wife?

Zeus had many wives, the second of which was Metis. Metis gave  birth to Athena. Because of prophecies claiming that Metis' second  child would replace him, Zeus proceeded t

Why did Zeus swallow his first wife?

  Answer:   Metis was the first love of Zeus.   Gaia warned Zeus that Metis would bear a daughter, whose son would overthrow him. So Zeus swallowed her. The reason f

Who was Zeus the greek god's wife?

Hera, goddess of marriage. Her symbols are pomegranates and peacocks. She is often trying to make hell for Zeus's lovers, but can never tries to make hell for Zeus because he'

Is hera Zeus' third wife?

Hera was Zeus one and only wife and also his sister. However Zeus had many numerous affairs and mortals and nymphs, which invoked the wrath of Hera who many times was envious

Did Zeus have any other wifes?

NO,but he had girlfriends. Alot to be exact, Hera and Zues used to have alot of fights. One time Hera was coming over to the temple when Zues and his girlfriends were talking,