Who was the goddess that was born from zeus' head?

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Birth of AthenaZeus came to lustafter Metis, andchased her in his direct way. Metis tried to escape, going so far asto change her form many times; she changed into variouscreatures such ashawks, fish, and serpents. However, Zeus was both determined and equallyproficient at changing form. He continued his pursuit until sherelented.An oracle of Gaeathen prophesied that Metis' first child would be a girl andthat her second child would be a boy that would overthrowZeus, similarly to whathad happened to his father and grandfather. Zeus took this warning to heart. When henext saw Metis, heinitially flattered her and put her at her ease. Then, withMetis' guards down,Zeus opened his mouthand swallowed her and her unborn child. This was the end ofMetis, but also thebeginning of Zeus'wisdom.After a time, Zeusdeveloped an unbearable headache, which made him scream out of painso loudly it could be heard throughout the earth. Theother gods cameto see what the problem was. Hermes realized what needed to be doneand directed Hephaestus to take a wedge andsplit open Zeus'sskull. Out of the skull sprang Athena, fully grown and in a full setof armour. Due to the way of her birth, she became the goddess ofintelligence and wisdom
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What goddess sprouted straight out of Zeus' head?

The goddess that didn't sprang out of Zeus' head was Athena. Earlier, Zeus had swallowed his wife Metis because he was told that if Metis had a son, that the son would overthr

Why is Zeus the goddess?

actually he is not a goddess he is a god and the reason he is a god is because he was brave to kill his own father the kings of the titans and he was also the one who saved al

Which Greek goddesses was born full-grown from Zeus' head?

Athena was born full-grown from Zeus' head. There had been a prophecy that the children of Zeus and Metis would be more powerful than Zeus, so Zeus tricked Metis into becoming