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Why do you want to work in the pipeline industry?

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I could in any field I have a practical and perspectiveunderstanding of just about all things i am an engineer.
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Why do you want to work in banking industry?

My customer service skill, my mathematical background, my ability to communication effectively. As well as interest in banking industry, starting as teller will give me the op

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The retail industry is an excellent job for those who like to workwith people. The retail industry is a good match for someone wholikes the challenge of setting goals and reac

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The is a job application question. The employer wants to know whyyou have applied for the job you have. We can not answer this foryou because in the end it is only YOU that kn

Why do you want to work in the oil and gas industry?

Oil and gas has a solid Job security for the foreseeable future andyou make quite a bit more in oil and gas than in other industries.