Why does your sims bonus CD work but not the game?

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this may not intirely help but it could be because its not for theright version of the sims
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Why does your sims 2 game on the laptop not work?

because it all depends on the type of laptop you have. Expensive laptops will probably play the sims 2 because it needs a good graphic card. If you really want to play the sim

Why does Japan get bonus songs on cds?

It's quite easy to know, because in japan their musical market is huge and expensive, and also the Japanese people are very consumers and copycats of the American people. The

Will The Sims 3 Work with Sims 2 games for PC?

No. TS3 is a stand-alone game, not an expansion pack for the existing TS2 base game. Eventually, it is expected that new expansion packs will be added for TS3, but it is still

Why isn't my sims 3 game working?

sctraches on the disc, glitch, or somethings just wrong with the game. If you did this to make it happen then sorry nothing to do about it

How can you play the Sims 3 without the Sims 3 game CD?

You can do this by . buying the digitial download from Electronic Arts . Getting a no-cd No-Cd's: The Sims 3: http://m0001.gamecopyworld.com/games/pc_the_sims_3.shtml

Your sims 3 game is not working right what do you do?

First, the old trick: Restart your game. If it's still not working right, delete your cache files - located in: Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\\My Documents\Electr

Can ps2 game CD work in ps3?

PS3s play only PS3 games unless they say they will play others. For example most say that they will play select PlayStation titles and most say they will not play PS2 games ri